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The EDMS system package

The EDMS system package

The EDMS system package is designed to provide the capabilities needed to track the completion of enviromental regulatory activities and assure ongoing change control of enviroment regulations and standards. It also provides a continuity of information if site management changes.

Tired of searching for your facility forms?

Never search for a form again! The EDMS program will link the required form to the specific tasks. You can also search for a form with our “search” feature. Add a link to the regulatory agencies for specific forms or reports. EDMS will save you time and money.

Reduce administration burden

Reduce administration burden with automatic reminders. The EDMS system will help prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks at your facility.

Increase auditability

Increase auditability by linking completion documentation to assigned tasks. Provides historical evidence that actions were completed including management review and audit trail.

Increase audit productivity

Increase audit productivity and other management programs by providing quick access to compliance history. Decreases the time required for each audit, and focus on the trouble areas.

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