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Environmental compliance impacts your reputation and business growth.

Environmental Data Management Systems

If you are a Municipality with multiple permits or a large industrial facility with complex permitting requirements, EDMS can manage your environmental task tracking and compliance. EDMS is based on a user-friendly software that assists the Environmental Manager or the person in charge of environmental activities to effectively and efficiently manage daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks. As we are all doing more with less, the EDMS program reduces the work load while providing accurate record keeping for the facility.

Friendly Task Reminder

An e-mail is sent to the responsible person for a specific task, if not completed by the due date, a past due e-mail is sent to their supervisor.

List of all permits and permit conditions

Easily tracks renewals of permits, Easily find permit documents.

Allows multiple permit tracking

Easily track each registration, permit, or regulatory requirement. Allows Environmental Manager to review upcoming renewals for individual permit requirements.

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